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My Story

My name is Jai McFall and I am the founder of the “Regain Your Vitality Center” where you learn to eat your way back to health.

In 1977 my 18-year-old brother was diagnosed with leukemia. We watched him go thru chemotherapy. 

After 3 months he looked like a 90-year-old concentration camp survivor. He was in so much pain, I am sure it was a relief to him when he died. But his death was devastating for our family.

For the next 2 decades I watched my 3 diabetic aunts get progressively sicker. They all died way too young.  

My brother and my aunts were addicted to sugar and processed foods.  I knew their food addiction was the cause of their illnesses, but they refused to change their diets. 

So 30 years ago, I started teaching people about healthy diets and growing their own organic food.

Three years ago, I had an older lady come to my garden center.  She was frail and weak.  She told me that she had been sick for several years. I gave her a glass of my herbal tea and we strolled thru the gardens, tasting various greens.  

I fed her 4 acerola cherries that are used to make vitamin C. About half an hour later she was standing straighter, walking better and feeling better than she had felt in years.  

Right then I decided that if I could help someone that much in just half an hour, then I could make a much bigger difference helping others with my knowledge. I created a program called “7 simple steps to vitality” to share with the world.